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About Us

Inspired by our partner, Roots & Above, NUU Co. is proud to offer safe and reliable aromatic oils to a wide range of people. Roots & Above is a new Indian brand established in 2015, offering comprehensive solutions for natural beauty, health and wellness, which are non-invasive, and are delivered for happiness based on physical and mental excellence.


Throughout my three years of health support work in India as acupuncturist, I have experienced the harshness of life there. However, I have learned that people in India maintain their physical and phycological health by learning from Ayurveda, and I would like to introduce aromatic oils here to let everyone know the power of Ayurveda, one of the three major medical systems in the world.


If the body and mind are not healthy together, we will lose our balance.


We have the power to prevent and maintain our health, so we will support you in creating a body that will not get sick.