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Sanae Nakashima

I started acupuncture, moxibustion and osteopathy clinics in Japan since 2002 and am now celebrating the 20th year. Since the beginning, my goal has been to support the health of all.  To start health support overseas, first in India, I founded Ariake-do Acupuncture Center. There, I also have been aspired to train therapists from the Indian Blind School.  After the 20 years of experiences, Ariakedo Group will continue our activities in this field.

As a bridge between Japan and India, we have formed a partnership with Roots & Above and Healingveda Clinic, which manufacture organic oils in India, to provide education on Ayurveda oil, cultural exchange through massage, and fair trade of Ayurveda oil in Japan. We also aim to create employments by shipping out Indian oils from Group Home Sorairo, a special needs home overlooking the Ariake Sea, to all over Japan. As the group, we will continue to strive for the development of health care beyond the boundaries of countries, people with and without disabilities, and children and adults.

Director, Ariakeido Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Osteopathy Clinic

President, NUU Corporation

President, Japan-India Ayurveda Association

Director, Ariakeido Co.

Director, Seijobiyu Day Care

Director, Group Home Sorairo.